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Problems with urinary urgency/frequency, infertility, erectile dysfunction, and the prostate or genitourinary (also known as urogenital) system can be found in men of all ages. These issues can be difficult to admit and even harder to discuss with your urologist.

Lawton Urology provides the region’s most advanced urological care, and in doing so strives to create a comfortable environment where highly sensitive topics are a little easier to discuss. If you have questions or concerns regarding your urinary tract or reproductive system, the urologists at our medical center have answers and treatment solutions. From male urinary incontinence and kidney stones to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH, also known as an enlarged prostate) and prostate cancer,


Lawton Urology diagnoses and treats male patients – young and old – with a variety of conditions whose symptoms impact overall health and/or hinder quality of life.